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Welcome to my website! READ one of my stories in 'Exhibitions'; READ short reviews of my work below; see 'Exhibitions' and 'My Gallery' for information on my latest book, Saving Ginia, a verse novel, published by Ginninderra Press in late 2014.


 Below is the cover and blurb of my collection of short stories, Crushed Sugar, published by Ginninderra Press (Adelaide). Have a peek and if you'd like to read a story from the book, click on 'Exhibitions'. You can purchase the ebook or print on demand from the Ginninderra website ( ), or directly from me for $15.00+postage via my email address ([email protected]).



We disappear into the poinciana shadows, into the dream that alcohol and music and love create. I go in a dream, in a myth. This is how it should be, I think. This is the pagan story, the truth the fairytales promised us, the ending imagined from the earliest of murmured memories...

But myths are not founded on reality, and fairytales do not deliver their promise...

In this collection of short stories, Tracey-Anne Forbes explores the gulf between illusion and reality in her protagonists? lives. In a complex presentation of womanhood, she offers an unravelling of a maze of myths. These stories encompass the joys and shocks of girlhood, marriage and family life; the final tales embrace grief and ultimate redemption.


Sample of Examiner’s Report for Dangerous Places ... see the full report in 'My Exhibitions'

 This is a good piece of work, and at times is very good indeed.  It has many strengths, and most particularly these include: the narrator’s voice (this is excellent, and the self-analysis is always perceptive and true); the main narrative (pacey, interesting, well- sustained); and the settings (I liked the contrasts between the constraints of Brisbane domesticity and the more laid-back atmosphere of Stradbroke Island).  The writer is especially good at revealing the pressures of being a mother and in etching the strains within the distant, tense but all-too-familiar family life between Ven and Mark.  She handles dialogue well.  Her writing has a delicacy that is very pleasing, and she demonstrates some considerable talent in Dangerous Places.  I have no doubt that this piece of writing is of the standard required for a Master’s R



Summary of review of short story collection Crushed Sugar by  Tracey Ann Forbes

 Ginninderra Press

 Reviewed by Suzi Wilson of Riverbend Books on ABC radio, 612 4QR in October 2007

In this collection of short stories and poems, Forbes explores the joys and shocks of girlhood, marriage and family life. The settings for these stories include Brisbane, Stradbroke Island and France, where Forbes lived for a number of years. Descriptions of our sultry summer days resonate strongly for local readers, as do some of the local landmarks. It is the plots though that linger longest with the reader. Many of them are confronting in the way Peter Carey’s early short stories were, and Forbes often employs the Roald Dahlian plot twist to great effect as she winds up a story, leaving the reader astonished and full of a fair bit of wonder.